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Marilyn Ehlert

Classwork for Monday, March 23, 2020

 Happy Monday,

I hope you at all well. If there is anything you do not understand, I can be reached at:    or   660-619-2056

Take care,





Read about Samuel Taylor Coleridge on page 270.

You will be reading, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," on pages 252-270. But first, please go through the reading and define the following vocabulary.

eftsoons               purist                   nether

kirk                        furrow                 main

drifts                      root                     sere

cliffs                       death-fires           sedge

ken                         wist                     cleft

swound                  sprite                    jargoning

shroud                    gossamers           seraph

vespers                   homed                 shrieve

After reading the selection, answer questions 1-6 on page 270.



In a three paragraph essay, explain why the wedding guest is a sadder and wiser man after hearing the Mariner's story. This is due Friday, 


Grade your study guide and email me anything that gave you trouble.


1. gravitational, weak, strong and electromagnetic

2. gravitational is weakest and strong is the strongest

3. See your book. force is 4 times larger than the old one.

5. new one is 16 times smaller than the old one.

6. new one is 90 times larger than the old one.

7. The equal and opposite force is the gravitational force that Venus exerts on the sun.

8. Centripetal force is required for circular motion.

9. See your book for answers.

10. The wire is exerting  the centripetal force. The force it exerts will change as needed by the principles listed in questions #9.

11. It is a myth. There is no such force.

12. skip

 13. Inner--Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

       Outer--Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

14. The 8 above

15.   Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune

16. Most asteroids are between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

17. Perturbations in its orbit

18. a nucleus, a coma, and a tail.

19. All three parts are present when the comet is close to the sun.

20 Comet orbits are elliptical.

21. Kuiper belt

22. Gravity is caused by the fact that objects with mass bend space and time.

23. Gravity is caused by the exchange of particles called "gravitons."



IV. Verb ESTAR. Do CD's 4.1-4.4, pages 30-33.

Homework: page 34, 4.5 and 4.6. Practice vocabulary.



 Pages 49-51. 7.2-7.6 

Grade Self Test and use book to change any you missed.

Self Test 6 answers


1.b 2,c 3. d 4. a 5 e


a. No, no prepare las lecciones.

b. No, no visito a nadie.

c. No, no viajamos nunca. or Nunca viajamos.

d. No, la profesora no explica ninguna leccion.

e. No,no compran nada.


a. I don't want anything.

b. We never go out

c. No one studies.

h. Mark always finishes at two o'clock.

d. They don't go to any concerts.

e. You all never ask.

f. I don't want to read anything now.

g.  The teacher teaches something important. 

h. Mark always finishes at two o'clock.

I. Someone is here.

j. I need some books.




Kon-Tiki               astern

plankton               ichthyologist

starboard             tholepins

port                      bulwarks

falsetto                 terns





Read "Kon-Tiki" page 271-279 and do questions 271-279.



Read "Once by the Pacific," page 280 and answer questions. 



Make a chart for the following authors in unit 13:


AUTHOR                   TITLES                    CHARACTERS               SETTING                BRIEF SUMMARY 

Carl Sandburg

Marian Anderson

Jessie Stuart

Elisabeth Elliot 



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