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Marilyn Ehlert

Assignments for 1/30/19 and 1/31/19 from Dr. Ehlert



Read chapter 6 of, THE CALL OF THE WILD.

 "For the Love of a Man"

1. How are Skeet and Nig different   from other Northland dogs Buck has known?

2. Why does Buck allow Skeet to befriend him and nurse his wounds?

3. Why does Buck not like to let Thornton out of his sight?

4. Buck obeys Thornton and treats him well. How does Buck treat other humans?

5. What does Buck do when Thornton tells him "Jump, Buck!"? What do the men do?

6. How does Buck react to "Black" Barton when Barton strikes Thornton? Why?

7. What does Thornton bet Matthewson concerning Buck? What is the result?


1. Why do you think Buck's love for John Thornton does not civilize Buck or turn him away from the primitive inside of himself?

2. Early in Chapter 6 London writes,

              And Buck was merciless. He had learned well the law of club and fang, and he never forwent an advantage or drew back

              from a foe he had started on the way to Death...He must master or be mastered; while to show mercy was a weakness.

              Mercy did not exist in primordial life. It was misunderstood for fear, and such misunderstandings made for death.

Do some people believe this is true in human relations? If so, in what types of situations? Have you ever been in a situation in which you felt like this or another person seemed to feel this way? What happened? 

3. In Chapter 6 John Thornton is nearly swept away in the rapids of Forty Mile Creek. How does Buck save him. and at what cost to himself?




1/30 and 1/31/19

Read pages 218-223.

Perform Experiment 9.2 and do the Lab Report




1/30 and 1/31/19 

Read page 52-58, "Pineyridge Snowstorm," (again). Use each of the following vocabulary words in a sentence: earthquake, enormous, griddle, harness, lumberjacks, sawmill.

 Workbook pages 197 and 198.



1/30 and 1/31/19


Read Chapters 10, 11 and 12 

Write a character sketch of Kumalo.




Read #9: Evolution: Part Scientific Theory, Part Unconfirmed Hypothesis

 pages 261-266.

Do On Your Own: 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3.



Read chapters 8 & 9

Write the definition of the following words. Use each word in a sentence of your own.

1. aberrations

2. ingenuous

3. hookah

4. obstreperous

5. invective

6. rudiments

7. apoplectic

8. camisole

9. umbrage


Somehow, Atticus is able to overlook the insults Mrs. Dubose gives him, and speaks highly of her in return. Read Luke 6:27-36 and 1 Peter 3:8,9. What do these verses say our reaction to insults should be?  


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