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Linda Dial

March 27 (Friday)

March 27, 2020


The administration has decided that we should give you the whole weeks’ work at once. I will still post each day separately so that you can choose to do them as normal, I will just post them all at once.


Please do not hesitate to call/text/email me with any questions.


Try keeping your schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as similar to school as you can. That includes eating lunch at the normal time.


l Bible: Choose a Bible story to read and discuss with a family member. If you would like a suggestion, you can always ask me.

l Jump In: Write your Book Report rough draft, please. Use page 125 as a guide for your report.

l Grammar:  

n Page 261= tricky words

u Amount and number= if you can count how many, use number; if you can measure but not count, then use amount

u Between and among= if you are talking about two people or things, use between; if you are talking about a group, use among

u Can and may= if you are asking permission, use may; can refers to your ability to do something

u Less and fewer= these go along with amount and number; if you can count it (number) use fewer; if you cannot count it (amount) use less

u Think A= choose the correct word for each blank

n Page 262= Think B= decide if the italicized word is correctly used

u Don’t do write C

u Remember D= write the plurals

l Novels: Read chapter 9. Write a 45 word summary.

l Math: Find a fraction of a whole

n 1/4 of 12 (feel free to use items to visualize this lesson)

u Divide your 12 into 4 separate groups

u How many in each group? (Ooh, you have 3? Good job!)

u So, 1/4 of 12 is 3

n Now try 2/4 of 12 (2/4x12)

n And 3/4 of 12 (3/4x12)

n Finally, 4/4 of 12 (4/4x12)

n When finding the fraction of a number, you are multiplying

n Now try these examples on notebook paper:

u 2/3 of 9

u 1/2 of 10

u 3/4 of 8

u 1/4 of 4

u Mother bought 16 eggs. She used 3/4 of the eggs to make pies. How many eggs did she use?

n Now do pages 296-270 #1-27 on worksheet in folder.

n If you get stuck and need me to help, reach out to me!!

l After math, consider having a parent (or one of your siblings, Maddie) read aloud to you (or you read aloud to one of them) and then eating lunch and playing for a while.

l Science: You will do the Integumentary System notes pages 1 & 2 (stop at the end of the Carotene section)

l History: You will start the England Notes. Please just do pages 1-3. (please stop before The Restoration) Continue working on your Nation Notebook.

l After history, consider doing something drama related. Act out a small play/story. Play a musical instrument (if you don’t have an actual one, you can make one).

l Spelling: This week is the AR list. Take the test using the test sheet in your envelope, ONLY IF YOU MISSED MORE THAN ONE REGULAR WORD ON THE PRETEST.

l Keyboarding: For today, I want you to type up your Chapter 9 Red Fern summary (you don’t have to hand write it first, but you can). I want it to be size 26, any legible font, and in color (if you are printing this assignment out, you can keep it black to save on color ink, if your parents would prefer)

Published Wednesday, March 25, 2020 3:29 AM by Linda Dial


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