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Linda Dial

March 25 (Wednesday)

March 25, 2020


The administration has decided that we should give you the whole weeks’ work at once. I will still post each day separately so that you can choose to do them as normal, I will just post them all at once.


Please do not hesitate to call/text/email me with any questions.


Try keeping your schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as similar to school as you can. That includes eating lunch at the normal time.


l Bible: Choose a Bible story to read and discuss with a family member. If you would like a suggestion, you can always ask me.

l Jump In: Skill 5 pages 125-126 This skill walks you through what needs to go into a book report. Then read through the example and answer the two questions on the bottom of 126.

l Grammar:  

n Page 257= alphabetical order

u You obviously know to look at the first letter when putting words in alphabetical order.

u But, do you know what to do if the first letters are the same? Why, yes! You use the second letter to determine the order!

u And what happens if the second letter is also the same? Of course you do! You look at the third (or the fourth if those are identical and so on).

l Think A=decide which of the 3 parts of the dictionary you would put each word (A-E, F-P, or Q-Z).

l Think B=You are putting all the words in alphabetical order

n Page 258=Continued alphabetical order (all completed on one sheet of paper, please)

u Think C= Write each set of words in alphabetical order on paper

u Think D= Order the words in alphabetical order by the third letter

u Think E= Arrange the words in alphabetical order on paper

u Think F= Same as Think E

u Remember G= Add punctuation to the sentences

l Novels: Read chapter 8 Write a 45 word summary.

l Math: Factoring to Compare Fractions

n Today’s lesson is to use factor trees to find the least common multiple

n The LCM will give you a common denominator to use in your comparison

n None of this should be new.

n On a piece of paper, please do the following comparison examples by using factor trees to find the LCM

u 5/24 and 7/36

u 6/15 and 9/20

u 13/96 and 24/144

u 2/4 and 39/50

n If you get stuck and need me to help, reach out to me!!

l After math, consider having a parent (or one of your siblings, Maddie) read aloud to you (or you read aloud to one of them) and then eating lunch and playing for a while.

l Science: You will take the test. Do this in one sitting. You cannot use your book or notes. If you get stuck, you are free to contact me (not that I can tell you much, but I might be able to point you in the right direction).

l History: You will take the History Test on Thursday so use today to study for it. Consider having a parent/sibling/someone ask you the study guide questions like we would in class. Continue working on your Nation Notebook.

l After history, consider doing something art related. Draw something, paint something, Sculpt something out of random items found around your house.

l Spelling: This week is the AR list. Take the pretest using the test sheet in your envelope.

l Keyboarding: For today, I want you to type up your Chapter 8 Red Fern summary (you don’t have to hand write it first, but you can). I want it to be size 26, any legible font, and in color (if you are printing this assignment out, you can keep it black to save on color ink, if your parents would prefer)

Published Wednesday, March 25, 2020 3:32 AM by Linda Dial


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