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Linda Dial

March 23 (Monday)

March 23, 2020


The posts during these two weeks should be a little more in depth than snow days.


Please do not hesitate to call/text/email me with any questions.


Try keeping your schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as similar to school as you can. That includes eating lunch at the normal time.


l Bible: Choose a Bible story to read and discuss with a family member. If you would like a suggestion, you can always ask me.

l Jump In: Skill 4 pages 120-124. You don’t have to fill anything in today. Just look over the form, because you will be using it later.

l Grammar: Antonyms are words that mean the opposite (like stop and go).

n Page 251=Think A should be completed on notebook paper

u Think B is a crossword puzzle. If you can’t think of the answer, use your resources to help you (and if you are truly stuck, don’t forget that I am a resource too).

n Page 252=We are now starting a dictionary/thesaurus unit

n Page 253= Read carefully about the different parts of dictionary entries

n Page 256= Oh, look, it is guide word practice

u Think A=put a check next to any word that would belong on the page firepower to fish

u Think B=Write yes or no to tell whether the underlined word belongs on the given page

l Novels: Read chapter 7 (questions forthcoming later this week).

l Math: Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions

n 7 x 2/3 can be re-written as 2/3+2/3+2/3+2/3+2/3+2/3+2/3=14/3=4 2/3

n It can also be written as 7x2/3 (multiply 7 and 2) (14/3)(simplify) (4 2/3)

n Practice problems to be worked on a piece of notebook paper

u 3x1/6

u 5x1/6

u 7x1/8

u 3x2/5

u 4x3/5

u 8x4/7

u 10x5/6

u 4x2/3

u 3x1/2

u 6x8/12

n If you get stuck and need me to help, reach out to me!!

l After math, consider having a parent (or one of your siblings, Maddie) read aloud to you (or you read aloud to one of them) and then eating lunch and playing for a while.

l Science: You will take the test on Wednesday. Complete the worksheets and the study guide. I posted the study guide key separately for your parents to check your study guide with (I want to make sure that you are studying the correct information).

l History: You will take the History Test on Thursday (yes, this is a strange day for a test, but I don’t want you testing on both History and Science on Wednesday). Today, fill out the study guide (I’ll post the key separately for your parents). Continue working on your Nation Notebook.

l After history, consider doing something P.E. related. Go for a hike, go for a run, play some basketball. Do something physical that works all those muscles we learned about in the fall. Maddie, consider playing an organized game with your siblings.

l Spelling: This week is the AR list. Copy the list as big words/small words. (write the word first as big as you can (2-4 lines tall) then as small as you can).

l Keyboarding: For today, I want you to type up your Chapter 7 Red Fern summary --This is technically Tuesday's work, so you can type it today or tomorrow (you don’t have to hand write it first, but you can). I want it to be size 26, any legible font, and in color (if you are printing this assignment out, you can keep it black to save on color ink, if your parents would prefer)



Bolt and Bashful say hello. They miss you, but are having fun in their new surroundings!

Published Monday, March 23, 2020 1:22 AM by Linda Dial


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