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Linda Dial

Parent Use ONLY-Senses Study Guide Key

Senses Study Guide


1. Protects your eyes (3) eyelids/eyelashes, tear ducts, skull bones

2. Near sighted see up close, but not far

3. Far sighted see far away, but not up close

4. Astigmatism incorrectly shaped cornea makes vision blurry

5. Colorblind 1) Can’t see all shades of green 2)can’t distinguish between red and green

6. Rods see in dim light (grayscale)

7. Cones see in color

8. Balance vestibule and cupula/semicircular canal

9. Loud noises all the time damage hearing/cilia in ear

10. Inner ear cochlea and semicircular canal

11. Middle ear ossicles (malleus, incus, stapes)

12. External ear pinna, external auditory canal, eardrum

13. Taste & smell intertwined smell enhances taste (starts the salivary glands)

14. Taste sensations (5) sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami/savory (meat)

15. Gustatory taste cells

16. Warm food give food more flavor because the molecules are moving more

17. Papillae tongue bumps

18. No smell gives off no gas (odor) or the olfactory can’t sense its gas (odor)

19. Olfactory sense of smell

20. General sense felt all over the body

21. Specific sense relies on a specific organ and a specific place

22. Specific senses (5) sight, hearing, olfactory, balance, taste

23. General sense (1) touch

Published Friday, March 20, 2020 2:06 AM by Linda Dial


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