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Linda Dial

March 20 (Friday)

March 20, 2020


Welcome to your first day of our little homeschool break :)


The posts during these two weeks should be a little more in depth than snow days.


Please do not hesitate to call/text/email me with any questions.


Try keeping your schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as similar to school as you can, as it will make coming back to school much easier. That includes eating lunch at the normal time.


l Bible: Choose a Bible story to read and discuss with a family member. If you would like a suggestion, you can always ask me.

l Jump In: Skill 3, pages 118-119. Think about the book you’ve been using for the last two skills

l Grammar: Antonyms are words that mean the opposite (like stop and go).

n Page 248=match the words in the green box with their antonym.

n Page 249=read the poem. Write at least 5 other antonym pairs on the page (they cannot be ones from the poem).

n Page 250=homonyms are words that sound similar when said, but have completely different meanings (we had a spelling list of these a few weeks ago).

u Think A=write ALL homonyms that you can think of for each word on notebook paper.

u Remember B=decide if there are pronoun/verb errors and correct

u Write C=on the same paper as think A write sentences for each of those words

l Novels: Read chapter 6 and write a 45 word summary.

l Math: Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers. This is another review lesson. We’ve been working with them all unit. If you have any questions, contact me.

n Page 215-216 #1-25 on worksheet (in folder).

l After math, consider having a parent (or one of your siblings, Maddie) read aloud to you (or you read aloud to one of them) and then eating lunch and playing for a while.

l Science: Since we finished notes on Wednesday, you have a little bit of free choice. I want you to take the test on Wednesday. There are three senses worksheets and a study guide in the packet I sent home Wednesday. Today and Monday, Science will be the same=Complete the worksheets and the study guide. I will leave it up to you and your parents as to exactly how much you do each day. I will post the study guide key separately for your parents to check your study guide with (I want to make sure that you are studying the correct information).

l History: Finish the Rome notes. I have posted my copy of the notes in a separate post that your parents can use to check your answers or help you if you get stuck. There are also questions that your parents can ask you (like we do in class, you don’t have to write them down). Continue working on your Nation Notebook.

l After history, consider doing something drama related. Act out a small play/story. Play a musical instrument (if you don’t have an actual one, you can make one).

l Spelling: You both passed your pretest on Wednesday, so there is no spelling for today.

l Keyboarding: I will post something for you to type up each day. You have two choices for handing these in=email them to me or print them out and turn them in when we get back. (If, for any reason, you can’t get on a computer for this, that is acceptable. Since keyboarding is a pass/fail class, I am not overly concerned about their completion. However, the more you practice, the better you will be at using a computer. Just have a parent jot down a quick note about the incomplete keyboarding assignment on your printout of this page, or in your planner, or something {sorry if this is rambly and doesn’t make sense, it is late :) Ask me if I’ve managed to confuse you})

n For today, I want you to type up your Chapter 6 Red Fern summary (you don’t have to hand write it first, but you can). I want it to be size 26, any legible font, and in color (if you are printing this assignment out, you can keep it black to save on color ink, if your parents would prefer)



Bolt and Bashful say hello. They miss you, but are having fun in their new surroundings!

Published Friday, March 20, 2020 1:59 AM by Linda Dial


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