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Linda Dial

Science Study Guide

1. use page 141

2. Do your best to study the paragraph.

3. a) upper right

    b) head

    c)   lower body

    d)  from lower body

     e) upper left

     f) from upper body

4. a) thin tissue lining the inside walls of the heart

    b) the heart muscle itself; thickest layer

    c) special sac that holds and protects the heart

5. pressure against arteries when the ventricles contract

6. pressure against arteries when the ventricles relax

7. Find the worksheet or look in the book for the instructions

8. a) white blood cell=tank

    b) hormones=messenger

    c) heart=junction

    d) vessels= roads

    e) red blood cell=truck

    f) brain/blood= thermostat

9. arteries, veins, capillaries

10. oxygen goes from an area of lots of oxygen to an area with little oxygen

11. oxygenated= bright red/ carries oxygen

     deoxygenated= dark red/ traded some oxygen for carbon dioxide be recycled

13. parts of blood cells made in the marrow; helps the blood to clot

14. nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide

15. 700 red to 1 white

16. Circulatory system

17. hemoglobin

18. tissues

19. phagocytes

20. arteries

21. veins

22. red blood cells color the plasma; hemoglobin colors the red blood cells 

23.  RED bone marrow

24. skeletal muscles 


Published Tuesday, March 5, 2019 1:03 PM by Linda Dial


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