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Kim Olejniczak

Snow Day 2/20/19 and homework 2/21/19

4th Grade Reading:  Look over Study Guide Chapters 9-12 for test on Friday 2/22/19.  Questions on the test will include the following:  #1-6 and the following words will be on the test...urgency, pride, staccato, exhausted, and surge.                                                               

They should have the definitions on a piece of paper that I gave them.  Answers to the questions that'll be on the test... 


1)  Why does Mama lie to Annemarie?  Mama lies to protect Annemarie from knowing too much, in case they are confronted by the soldiers.

2)  What was the surprise Ellen receives during the funeral of Great-aunt Birte?  Describe Ellen's reaction to the surprise.  Ellen's parents were there and she was    so        happy.

3)  How does Mama keep the soldiers from opening the casket?  Mama tells the soldiers that her aunt had died from typhus.

4)  What is the meaning of the Psalm read at the funeral?  The Psalm tells of God's promise? to protect the Jews.

5)  What is in the casket?  The casket contains clothes and blankets.

6)  What does Peter give the baby?  Why?  Peter gives the baby medicine to make it sleep so it won't cry and give away their escape.



7th 8th Grade:  Read Chapters 11-12 and answer the following questions in complete sentences.  Due Friday 2/22/19.


                                                                                The Hiding Place Chapters 10-12 Questions



1)   What was the one thing Corrie learned to fear above all else at Scheveningen?




2)   Name at least 4 behaviors or activities that reflected the fear that was exhibited by Corrie and her fellow prisoners.




3)   What were some activities that helped Corrie keep her sanity during her time of solitary confinement?




4)   What item in the packet from the nurse did Corrie desire most?




5)   Why do YOU think the authorities threatened to double the sentence for anyone who possessed one?




6)   How did Corrie hear of Father's death?




7)   How did she first respond to Father's death?




8)   How did her feelings change about Father's death?




9)   List 3 ways in which Lieutenant Rahms helped Corrie.





10)  What "gift" did Willem give the lieutenant?




11)  Betsie and Corrie were very different emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  What struggles did they each have?





12)  How did Betsie and Corrie use their strengths to support the other in the camp and on the trains?






Sorry for the late posts.  I've not been feeling well.  Please call if you have any questions.  Stay warm.




Mrs. Kim Olejniczak






Published Wednesday, February 20, 2019 11:43 AM by Kim Olejniczak


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