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Kim Mabry

1st grade homework for Monday and Tuesday, 3/23 and 3/24/2020

Required homework:

Math: Speed drills.  I will scan and email the speed drills for this week.  On Monday, we do the top two boxes and on Wednesday, we do the bottom two boxes.  They have one minute per box to complete as many problems as possible in that box.  Please write the time it took them to complete each box up to a minute.  If they cannot complete all of the problems, have them stop at one minute.  

Math: p.307-310.  Remind them to use their ruler for #3 & #4 on p.307.  Make sure that they are remembering to start with the ones column (right) and working their way left on the problems in #1 on p. 308. (3 column addition is new to them.)  Read and do #2 on p. 308 together and help them use reasoning to find the answer.  Do #1 on p. 310 together.  This is the new 3 column addition with adding and carrying.

Spelling: Have them draw their own word tree and write the word families in it.  Do p. 48.  Write spelling words from p.48  3x each.  Remind them that the t is silent in the tch family but we don't want to forget it.  Remind them that the "ow" sound we hear in "shout, trout, and sprout" comes from "ou" working together. 

Handwriting: p.239-242

Spectrum Writing: p.67-68 and p.72-74

Reading: Monday- Read p. 74-78. Do p.127&b. Tuesday- Read p.79-83. Do p. 128.Go over the word cards that are sent home every week. Have them pick 3 of them and give you a good sentence using that word. We are talking about figurative sayings this week.  Some examples would be: "When it rains, it pours", "She is the apple of his eye", All that glitters is not gold".  Explain what a figurative saying is and then have them make up one of their own and write it in their journal. Then have them explain what it means in their journal. Pick a short story to read to them or make up your own story to tell them. Then ask them to answer questions about the story to make sure that they were listening and retaining.   Sometimes it is good to ask a question that may be about what their opinion is or does not have a black & white answer to help them use reasoning and verbal expression skills. 

Phonics: p.243-246

Phonics & English: p.253-256

Science: None for Monday and Tuesday. I will be sending out an email regarding science. 

Extras: (not required)

Here is a minute devotion from the science devotional that we use in class. Youtube: Passion Kids Indescribable Series Opener (Sorry, I wanted to include a link but couldn't get it to link up.)

I have also included a fun, easy, craft project on my Facebook since Monday is art day.  :)  I'm not sure if I have all of you on Facebook. If not, you can friend request me and I will accept it as soon as I see it.  Also, here is the website:  It is the egg carton animals.  This is a great project to go along with the turtles and frogs section that we have learned about in science.  If you don't have pipe cleaners at home, you can cut a Qtip in half to use for the antennae. 



Published Sunday, March 22, 2020 3:31 PM by Kim Mabry


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