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Kim Mabry

2nd grade homework for 02/05/20 and 02/06/20

Math p. 220-223 and p. 226.  We will do 224-225 in class.  Cross of the teacher's part #4 on p. 220.  Cross off the orange box at the bottom of p. 221.  Parents, please make sure that they understand "Borrowing from the thousands" on p. 222. (This is new-they have only done the hundreds so far.)  Also, M and D are new to them in Roman numerals.  Please let them know that D=500 and M=1,000.
Spelling: Do p. 69.  Parents, please give the spelling pretest for the 20 words on p. 66. If they miss any, they will need to study for the test on Friday.
Just Write: p. 20-21.  Make sure the understand the concept of "sequence" in story writing.
Handwriting: Copy p. 87 neatly in cursive.
Reading: Please see Mrs. Greer's blog for Wednesday homework. Thurs.: Read p. 170-174.  Do workbook p. 253-254.
Phonics and Language: 209-214. Cross off dictation.  Make sure that they understand "past tense verbs" on p. 209.  This is a new concept for them.
Have a great snow day!  :) 
Published Wednesday, February 5, 2020 6:28 AM by Kim Mabry


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