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Kelley Bergman

Snow Day Monday, November 26th

Advanced Math I: read over pages 167-172 and do page 178 #1-30 odds only. ( I will have notes for you in class on Wednesday, do what you can, we will go over the concept in class Wednesday.)


9th Grade Geography:  read pages 98-104 and answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Since I have some of your activity books I will assign activity #4 from chapter 5 on pages 37-38 on Wednesday for homework. 

 1) Define government.

2) Define justice & defense.

3) Define anarchy.

4) What is an absolute monarch? What is an example of an absolute monarch? 

5) What is a dictatorship? 

6) What is a totalitarian government? What is an example of totalitarian government? 

7) Define democracy. What are the two types of democracy?

8) What is a constitutional monarchy? What is an example of constitutional monarchy? 

9) What is a republic? 

10) Define foreign policy.

11) What is foreign aid? What is active troop strength? 

12) What is the best measurement of modern military strength? 

13) Who are the seven leading world powers? 

14) What is a militarized state? What is an example of a militarized state?

15) What is a rogue nation? What is an example of a rogue nation? 

16) Define diplomacy & treaties.

17) What are the two types of treaties? 

18) What are the two leading international organizations created in the 1940s? 

19) Who are the five permanent members of the Security Council? What can they do to the General Assembly of the UN?

20) Define self-determination. 

21) What is the Geneva Convention? 

22) What is the Muslim countries ‘Red Cross’ agency’s name? 


Government:  You have a writing assignment over 4 political parties. I have added the links to the websites that have the information about these 4 parties, I will give you paper copies in class on Wednesday; but you can look it up and start forming your idea for the paper.  Here is the assignment sheet: 

  Government Written Assignment #7 (Party Beliefs) 

The short essay needs to be at least two pages in length (if typed) and at least four pages in length (if hand written). It will be due by the beginning of class on Friday, November 30th.  

The paper needs to be (if typed): double-spaced, 12pt font, 1-inch margins all around, pages numbered at top of page. The first page needs to have your name, teacher name, class name, and date in upper left hand side and double-spaced as well. 

The paper needs to be (if hand written): double-spaced, legibly written, use papers margins-leave some lines at bottom of page, pages numbered at top of page. The first page needs to have you name, teacher name, class name, and date in upper left hand side and double-spaced as well. 

In this essay you will look at the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Constitution Party and their beliefs. In your paper you will give a brief summary of each party and what they belief. What areas if any of each party do you agree with that party? Could you be a member of any of these parties? Why? Or Why not? 

What policies or beliefs are the most important to you? Why are these policies or beliefs important to you? Did you learn anything about these parties that you never knew about them before?

Grading Rubric:

Spelling Errors /6

Grammar Errors /6

Paper Format         /6

Understandable /10

Reasoning Supported /20


Constitution Party:

Republican Party:

Democratic Party:

11th Grade Anatomy: Finish your study guide for test #4. I will make your test a take home test for Thursday so that we can go over the study guide in class on Wednesday.


Advanced Math II:  David make sure your worksheet #5 is complete for Wednesday's class, we will go over it in class. Do Lesson 71 problems #7-12, 14-23


10th Grade Chemistry:  read over pages 156-163 and answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. 

 1) What is double bond?

2) Is it okay to move electrons in Lewis structure?

3) What is triple bond?

4) Which is the strongest bond? Single bond-Double bond-Triple bond

5) What gases are involved in earth’s three-tiered protection system against high-energy light that comes from the sun?

6) What can break apart the three gases in the earth’s three-tiered protection?

7) Based on their Lewis structures, which molecule is easiest to break apart:

C2H4 ----PN----H2 (These numbers are subscript numbers, it won't do that on the website). 

Published Sunday, November 25, 2018 7:38 PM by Kelley Bergman


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