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Jennifer Bessert

Monday, 23 March 2020, 3rd and 4th grades

Good morning friends!


Math : Complete pages 165-166

Language: Review and practice the skills we have learned this year. Complete pages 15-16 in your test booklet. We are using theses as worksheets only!

Readning: Read Chapter 9 in Grandma's attic.

Just Write: Write a short story about your favorite pet. If you do not have a pet write bout one you would like to have. Remeber to use desciptive words to         allow your reader to create a visula image of your pet. Remember to then explain why this animal is your favorite.

History: Read pages 139 -140, Answer questions: (3rd & 4th)

1. In 1833, who took complete control of Mexico?

2. What do we call a leader that does NOT allow the people freedom?

3.What man from Tennessee ld a group of frontiersmen to fight in Texas?

4. Who led the Texans in the battle of San Jacinto? 

Spelling: Begin List 26, pages 102 & 103, (3rd & 4th)

Handwriting: Write and encouraging note to someone, address you envelope and mail it. If you have a family or friend that works in health care, this might                       be a great oppurtunity to remind them that they are thought of, appreciated and loved. You can have your parent take/ text a picture of it to                           me. Rememebr take your time and write your best cursive!

Science: Complete pages 217-219 in your Science Journal.

Have a great day!! 

Bonus oppurtunity: Complete two random acts of kindness. Be a Ninja - do not seek praise or attention for doing it. Look for a need and jump on it to      benefit someone else. You can write your experience on a recipe card. Evaluate this experience, tell me what you saw, what you did,  how you felt about the task/item you chose do to bless or benefit someone else with. Did you se the person whom you blessed with kindess. Did you notice how your act could/ did impact them?

Published Monday, March 23, 2020 7:37 AM by Jennifer Bessert


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