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Gwen Turner

3rd Grade-Wednesday, February 20, 2019 & Thursday, February 21, 2019

3rd Grade- Wednesday, February 20th


pp. 201-202 in book on Division by 7

Spelling- Have parent give spelling pre-test.

Language- pp. 167-168 in book--beginning dictionary skills. For p. 168, students will need questions that accompany that page.  (I will email) 

Also, students will need to complete the worksheet on parts of a dictionary entry. (I will email)

Students who did not have a dictionary at home, borrowed one from school last week.

Writing- p.92 in Handwriting book--use handwriting paper (I will email)

pp. 34-35 in Just Write book

Reading- Read worksheet on Pioneer Candles and Soap and do Pioneer Reading Activity 12 worksheet. (I will email)

History-  Read pp. 267-274 in book about Clara Barton.  Read additional notes about civil war medicine. (I will email)

Complete questions worksheet. (I will email)

Science- Work on lapbook pieces.  (I will email)   Use your book Lesson 6 & Lesson 5 as needed.

3rd Grade-Thursday, February 21st 

 Math-  pp. 203-204 in book Division by 8

Complete worksheet 7x's facts (I will email)

Practice multiplication facts 7x's

Spelling- pp. 76-77 in book

Language- pp. 171-172 in book-  Talks about Glossary- like at back of book.

Complete worksheet on Adjectives and Adverbs (I will email)

Writing- Imagine that you can jump as high as the sky.  What would you do?

Write at least 6 sentences with a good topic sentence on handwriting paper in Cursive. (I will email) 

Reading- Read pp. 173-189 in Farmer Boy

Answer questions on worksheet ( I will email)

A & L-  Finish book report poster 

History- SE Region map worksheet (I will email)

Practice states, capitals, and abbreviations for SE region for quiz on Friday

Science- Complete crossword puzzle for Lesson 6 (I will email)

Published Wednesday, February 20, 2019 6:23 AM by Gwen Turner


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