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Grace Scott

  • Assignments for 2/8/19 (Revised with Science Quiz Attached.)

    6th Grade Reading:

    Jump In - Skill 12 & 13 p. 213-215 (Make sure your leave a space in between each characters dialogue so it is easier to differentiate between the two.)


    6th and 7th Grade Science:

    Take the Lesson 10 Quiz (See attached at the bottom of this blog post.) Don't forget to watch your child while they take this, make sure they write their name on the top, seal it in an envelope, label it, and sign the seal. 

    Read and understand Lesson 11, p. 183-185 (Stop at "The Second Law of Thermodynamics".) 


    6th Grade History:

    Continue studying for the test covering Ch. 7 and Map Mastery 10. The test will be given on Monday.


    12th Grade Health:

    Read and understand p. 266-271 (Stop at "Heart Problems From Circulation".)

    On Your Own Questions 10.9 - 10.13 


  • Assignments for 2/6/19 and 2/7/19

    6th Grade Reading -  

    Read Ch. 36-42 (p. 159-186)

    Jump In Skill 11 p. 211&212 ( Write the story and resolve the conflict. At least 300 words. Proofread 3 times. Make a neat copy.) 


    6th and 7th Grade Science - 

    Answer the "What do you remember?" questions for lesson 10 on p. 181. (Find your answers in the lesson. You can look in the back of the book to check your answers after you are done.)

    Study it for the quiz on Friday.

    Do the "Try This!" experiments on p. 176, top of 178, bottom of 179, and 180. Record what you did and what you learned. Record answers to any questions that may be asked in the box.


    6th Grade History -  

    Continue studying for your Ch. 7 test that will now be on Friday.

    Skill Sheets 25 and 26

    Remember that you can recite The First Amendment on p.378 on Friday for extra credit.


    12th Grade Health - 

    Read p. 259-265

    On Your Own Questions 10.6-10.8

    Project 10.1 

  • Assignments for 1/30/19 and Homework for 1/31/19

    6th Grade Reading-

    Jump In p. 204 (At least 250 words, proofread 3 times, and make a neat copy.)

    Jump In p. 205-207

    Read Daniel ch.2 from the Bible


    6th and 7th Grade Science-

    Read/study p. 165 (Radiating Race) - p. 170

    Work on Fascinating Facts 

    Define the 16 Lesson 10 terms


    6th Grade History- 

    Review The First Amendment to the Constitution and Map Mastery 10

    Read  7.6 (p.117-121)

    Study for Friday's quiz covering, 7.4-7.6 & Map Mastery 10

    Complete Chapter 7 Check Up sections B-F 


    12th Grade Health- 

    Read p. 239 (Meeting Micronutrient Goals) -  p. 243

    Complete Projects 9.5-9.7 



  • Snow day - 1-14-19 & 1-15-19 revised with attachment for Health Class

    6th Grade Reading- Jump In, Skill 13 (p. 192) & Skill 1 (p.195 & 196)

    6th & 7th Grade Science- Finish Fascinating Facts & study for Wednesdays Lesson 8 Quiz

    6th Grade History- Review the Preamble to the Constitution p. 378; Chapter 6 Checkup G-I; Skills Sheets 21 & 22; Review Map Mastery 7 & 8

    12th Grade Health- Read p. 207-215 (Stop at "Minerals"); On Your Own Questions 8.1-8.3; Project 8.1 (I am attaching a picture of the Project 8.1 page. Do that and the On Your Own questions on notebook paper.)


  • Snow Day- Monday, November 26, 2018 & Homework for Tuesday, November 27, 2018

    6th Grade Reading:

    Jump In Skill 6  & 7 p.182 & 183.  Answer questions 1-6 (below).  Read p. 217-248 in Wonder.


    1. Why is Justin surprised at Auggie's appearance, even though Via described him?

    2. How do the Pullmans differ from Justin's parents?

    3. How does Justin help Jack without Jack knowing it? 

    4. Why doesn't Via want to tell her parents about the show?

    5. Why does the "war" at Beecher Prep eventually fade?

    6. Why does Auggie finally agree to wear his "new bionic Lobot hearing aids" (p.215)


    6th &7th Grade Science:

    Answer the "What Do You Remember?" questions on p. 106 and study it for the quiz on Wednesday. Complete the Lesson 6 Crossword (see attached).


    12th Grade Health:

    Read p. 149-158 (stop at "Involuntary Muscles of Digestion"). Complete "On Your Own" 6.1-6.4 and Project 6.1 & 6.2.


    6th Grade History:

    Read 5.4 (p.68 & 69) and complete Comp. Check 5D. Complete Skills Sheet #13. Review for Quiz 8 (covering the information about some of the bold words and some of the underlined information in 5.1 and 5.2, and Map Mastery 6).


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