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Denise Ehlert

  • Homework Due Wednesday 3/6/19

    World History- Chapter 19 Read ppg.271-280 Section 2 (1-11)

    7th & 8th Grade Math- Lesson 41 Practice set and Problem set  And Lesson 42 Practice set and Problem set

    6th Grade Math- Chapter Review ppg. 184-185 (1-41), Test Prep ppg. 186-188... Test Wednesday

    Facs- I have your homework

    Personal Finance- Took test Friday...Need to watch videos to continue on. No homework. 

  • Homework Due Friday 2/22/2019

    World History-Chapter 18 Section 3

    7th & 8th Grade Math- Lesson 37  Practice set (a-g) And Problem set (1-30).

    6th Grade Math- Lesson 70 ppg 170-171 (1-35) no #36 and no journal. (This is new concept, we will review in class together)

    Facs- We will be preparing to do mock interviews...Write 5 questions you would ask a person interviewing for a position in your organization. Write 5 questions you as the person being interviewed would ask in your interview about the organization, the specific position, etc

    Personal Finance-To move forward, we have videos to complete in assignment.

  • Friday 2/8/2019

    World History- Chapter 17 Section3 (would have been done in class)

    7th & 8th Grade Math- Will have test over Chapter 6 on Monday

    6th Grade Math_ Will  have test over Chapter 7 on Monday

    Facs- Bring materials for pillows

    Personal Finance- We will begin new chapter Monday (videos)

  • Homework Due Friday 2/8/19

    World History- Chapter 17 Section 2 Review  (pg.243)

    7th & 8th Grade Math- Prepare for Test over Chapter 6

    6th Grade Math- Chapter 7 Review 1-46 (ppg.162-163) And Test Prep 1-24 (ppg.164-166)...We will take Test over Chapter 7 on Friday. Purposely skipped Lesson 67 "Between Numbers". The concept is not on test, we will go back and cover next week.

    FACS- Bring Materials for pillow

    Personal Finance- We will start next Chapter with the videos on Friday (no homework!) 

  • Homework Due Friday 2/1/2019

    World History- Chapter 16 Review (pg.229): Terms, Identity, Chapter Concepts

    7th & 8th Grade Math- Lesson 35 Practice set ppg. 238-239 (a-p) AND Problem set ppg .239-241 (1-30)   

    6th Grade Math-  Lesson 64 ppg. 154-155 (1-40)

    FACS- Bring Ingredients for smoothies

    Personal Finance-  Study for Chapter 8 test

  • Homework Due Wednesday 1/16

    World History Read Chapter 15 Section 3 and complete questions (No Identify)

    7 & 8 Grade Math Lesson 29 ppg. 192-194 (1-30) And Lesson 30 ppg. 199-201 (1-30) 

    6th Grade Math ppg.132-133 (1-30) And ppg.134-135 (1-33) No Journal Q.

    Personal Finance...will continue to next chapter when return to class. 

  • Homework assignments due Wednesday 11/28

    World History- Read ppg. 85-90. Do the section 2 review (no identify).

     7&8th Grade Math-  ppg.147-149, 1-30

    6th Grade Math- ppg. 100-101, 1-48 

    Personal Finance- ppg.138-141, Chapter Summary & Money in Review

    ****Attention**** My cell phone number has changed, 660-619-3474.

    If any questions, please contact me.

    Thank you, everybody stay warm!

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