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Debra States

March 24, 2020//Homework for Wednesdy through Friday

Hello, Parents, I hope all is going well at your homes and this new norm is working for you.  Hang in there, our Lord is with us! 

The following subjects and pages all contain new concepts per day, so I would ask that as you come to these that you spend more time helping your child understand them.

1. Worktext: Pages 223-226.  This week they are introduced to "y as the long I, y as the long e, the new "ight" words and still working on recognizing long vowels.

2. Phonics: Pages 265-270  These worksheets help with the new word families.

3. Write Now:  Pages;  145-147.  Be sure to use correct formation and spacing.

4.  Reading:  Please read the book that you feel your child has mastered, and on Wednesday, move on to the next book. It will contain new word families, so they will need guidance with those.

5. Phonic Stories:  Please read the last 6 of these, and on Friday add 1 new one to the folder.  Review all service words.

6.  Handwriting:  Pages 75-78.  Be sure to use correct spacing, correct uppercase letters and punctuation.

7. Number Skills:  Pages 145-148.  Practice both addition and subtraction skills by doing a mixture of 15 problems.

8.  Review of long vowels:  Give your child these words, and have them tell you which sound they hear: ( sale, read, bike, see, tea, flute, feed, rose, wire, whale, shame, plate, snow, go, tune, light.)

9. Craft:  After talking about how birds make their nest, have your child draw a nest, and draw their favorite bird next to it.

10. Worksheets that have been provided. 

Be safe, Mrs. States 


Published Tuesday, March 24, 2020 8:32 AM by Debra States


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