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Debra States

March 23 and 24, 2020 Homework

Parents:  Here is a list of today and tomorrow's homework.  I will post again on Wednesday. 

Monday: Worktext:  Pages 219-220  Talk about Spring rain, and Spring weather.

Phonics:  Pages: 261-262, ***New word family, (y with the long I sound) Practice as many of these words as you and your child can come up with.

Write Now: Page 142, This is the sentence "Pam is Shy."  Have your child write that neatly and spaced correctly.

Reading:  Read the current book, and the Phonic Stories, the last 6 of those. Practice all the service words.  Also practice the word "what" I have noticed this is a word that is not being recognized.

Number Skills:  Page 143-144.  Practice adding different coins together.  Do 5 problems.

****Make Rain-  Pour hot water in a bowl, place clear plastic wrap over the bowl tightly.  Watch the droplets form as "rain!'

Handwriting: Write 3 sentences using the new word family of "y as the long I", such as: shy, by, fly, why, my, try.


IT IS SPRING< FINALLY!  For Share and Tell have your child write 4 Sentences about their favorite part of Spring, and why that is.

Worktext: Page: 221-222, "y as the long e sound)

Phonics:  Page 263-264//Practice several of this new word family.  Help them recognize when they see this letter at the end of a word.

Write Now:  Page 144---"It is a sunny day." Use correct form and spacing. Take the time to write correctly.

Reading:  Read the current book, and the last 6 Phonic Stories.  Practice each of the word families in these stories.

Number Skills:  Practice the time as in after the hour.  Help your child recognize where the hour hand is when it is minutes after an hour. Do 7 of these.

*****I have given you several worksheets.  Do these as you feel needed. But please do at least 4 to 6 per day, this is to keep what they have learned in their minds, and help them retain the knowledge they have. This is very important.

I will post again on Wednesday, and also be scheduling a time when we can read together, so I can listen to your child, and check in with them.  I already miss each one!

Stay safe, and healthy!

Mrs. States 

Published Monday, March 23, 2020 6:44 AM by Debra States


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