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Debra States

Homework for February 20, 2019

1.  Phonics:  We continue to wok on the long vowel sounds.  Today, we cover the long "i" sound.  Practice words in the "ine" and "ike" family.  Remind your student where Marker e and Miss long are positioned over the vowels.  Some words include:  nine, pine, line, mine, vine, fine, shine, or like, bike, Mike, trike, strike, hike.  Review these until the concept is understood, and your student can come up with long "i" words for themselves.

2. Handwriting:  Write 5 sentences for your student without putting the spaces in, such as:  Thesunwillshine!.  Have your student rewrite them, putting the spaces in the correct place.  Emphasize how important the spaces are to help a sentence make sense and be understood by a reader.  

3. Hearing the sounds:  Have your student point to themselves if they hear the long "i" sound in these words as you give them to them verbally:  like, shine, tin, pine, fin, fine, tire, date, wire, mine, win.

4.  Reading:  Reading book 24 "Like the Snow"  and the phonics stories.  Read the newest phonics stories and review 5 older stories. Practice the book 24 an extra amount of time, as we will  need to start book 25 on Friday.  Go over the service words in the Phonic Stories notebook.

5.  Number skills:  Subtraction and addition, do 15 problems, mixing them up, making sure your student pays attention to the symbols.  Verbally give your student 3 word problems, and have them write the problem and answer.

6.  Science:  Talk about the thermometer. Explain it tells us if it is cold or hot outside.  Draw 4 thermometers filling in at different degrees, such as 20, 60, 80 or 10 degrees.  Ask your child if each one is hot or cold.  Ask if it would be a summer day or winter day.

Continue to work on areas that your student needs the most help in, practice, they already know is helpful in their success.  Stay safe in this winter weather and hopefully, we will be in school on Friday!  

Mrs. States 

Published Wednesday, February 20, 2019 5:52 AM by Debra States


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