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Debra States

Work for Friday, February 7, 2014

Good morning everyone!  This weather has got to stop sometime!  Below is the day work for today.  On Friday we usually do the worksheets and then do something special like one of our class games, reading a special story, or play a game on the computer.  I am sure by now both you and the students are at their wits end, so perhaps a prayer before digging in to today's work would make things work smoother.  We begin each day with a prayer, and the Lord helps us through each day.

PHONICS:  Page 125-126

HANDWRITING:  Correct the sentences from page 125-126 and have the student write the letters correctly.  Straight lines and correct spacing between lines, also correct spacing between words.

NUMBER SKILLS:  Practice the addition facts of the 3 family, and go over the addition facts of the 1's and 2's.  Then play a game with the chalk dice, or a number of objects for the students to write the problems themselves, with the correct answers.

READING:  Please continue to work with the reading book your student has, we will be reading it all next week, if the book is not mastered, We will not go on to the next book until next Friday, or the next until each student is solid in the knowledge of the material.

LETTERS/SOUNDS:  Page 185.......Sight Word Practice

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Pages 121-122.

Have a good day and weekend.  I hope next week brings us all a safer and warmer time!  Tell each of your students I miss seeing them.

Mrs. States 


Published Friday, February 7, 2014 7:02 AM by Debra States
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